13 July 2011

Ethnic blue

This is such a gorgeous ethnic necklace, it's like a piece of art that should be worn with a simple outfit.  However,  I wore it with a silk blouse with a heavy print, and an equally great ring. The result, although somehow monochromatic, is kind of bold. I like it!

Este es un collar espectacular étnico, es como una pieza de arte y debería llevarse con un outfit simple.  Sin embargo, me lo puse con una blusa de seda con un estampado fuerte, y un anillo igualmente maravilloso. El resultado, aunque casi monocromático, es algo recargado. Me gusta!


  1. Cool jewelry, where did you get it? big kiss

  2. The necklace was a gift, bought in Bogota, Colombia. I don't know the store! sorry, it's a rare piece ;)