04 March 2012

No trespassing

 Looking at these photos, I realized the location where we shot them took a whole other meaning.
When you see a "No trespassing" sign, you immediately understand that beyond that point is no longer your territory.  That from there on, you are off boundaries.
In life is a whole different story, 'cause there are no written signs.  It would be a nicer world if everyone knew their boundaries, but when they don't, make clear when you feel they are completely off limits.

Photos by Silvana Benedetti


  1. Beautiful outfit! great pics as always

  2. Oh! and very true what you say =)

  3. OMG how perfect is your top? where is it from? I just love it!

  4. Ademas de lo preciosas que estan las fotos, es muy cierto lo que dices, hay personas que quieren vivir la misma vida de uno. Lindo post y sabias palabras.